Meritus Appraisal Partners provides commercial real estate tax appeal services and offers expert witness testimony to defend our value conclusions. M. Estela Poetzinger holds the prestigious MAI Designation, which demonstrates undeniable credibility to public officials and assessment officers across Northwest Ohio.

Local taxing representatives acknowledge a lack of time and resources to apply across-the-board valuations with absolute accuracy and certainty. We are able to fully engage in a detailed analysis of your specific property to certify a fair tax liability. Ms. Poetzinger has experience with tax appeal assignments and the subsequent testimony.

We can also produce a report of preliminary findings to determine the practicality of a formal appeal, saving the client time and money. Tax appeal valuations can be applied to all commercial property types (apartment, industrial, development land, office, retail, etc.). Our services are extended to owners, tenants, attorneys, and others with a vested interest in ascertaining a proper tax assessment.

Visit your County Auditor's website for further information.